the second post.

by dorarandom

today was a pretty good day. the office manager (whose lair is parallel to mine, and who thus has me in view all day long) was out. (she is not my favorite—and as far as i know she isn’t anybody’s favorite—she is the kind of person who yells at you about doing work that you’ve already done, if that makes any sense—well, it doesn’t really make any sense, but that’s the kind of person she is. i think she makes sense to herself.) anyway, the O.M. was out today.

and one of my attorneys was out all day. and another was out for part of the day. and those two attorneys have offices that branch off from my lair. (i am the Assistant to three attorneys. the third one has an office that is non-contiguous.)

so, it was a pretty good day for arts and crafts. i developed a whole new concept for my bulletin board. and i began to realize it.

for a while, i read the Complaint in one of “our” cases. in this case, some guys—“our” guys—are being accused of a business conspiracy. and it turns out—i learned from the Complaint—that these guys actually made a powerpoint all about their conspiracy, and (basically) called it OUR CONSPIRACY, and emailed it to and fro among themselves until they realized they were caught and tried to delete the evidence. they tried, but they were not successful, of course. so, here’s a tip, if you’re planning a business conspiracy: don’t make a powerpoint about it. especially not a powerpoint called OUR CONSPIRACY. (as bessie smith says—-keep it to yourself.)

i read that Complaint for a while, but. it’s a boring conspiracy. it’s a business conspiracy. mid-atlantic managerial not-too-well-thought-out conspiracy.

it is sort of interesting to think about people having to turn over their hard drives + external drives + laptops + outlook accounts + so on for scrutiny, subpoena. especially because a lot of people get extremely worked up about this. (some of these people called me last week, extremely worked up, wanting to talk to one of my attorneys.) some of them presumably have been up to something that is not so good. or, something that can be construed as not so good. some of them probably just find it violating. some of them probably are just the kind of people who get worked up about things.