by dorarandom

i had a blog about ten years ago. during my last two years of college, mostly. things were not so social then. i mean, being social was not mandatory. that made it easier. and a lot more fun.

i mean ‘social’ in the sense of ‘social media.’ my old blog was obviously a `social’ thing, but it was ‘social’ in the sense of a ‘social experiment.’

i feel like social media is a constant droning non-event. or, maybe, better: the constant droning of non-event. or, again: the constant droning that is non-event.

well. i am a person who does not read the news. (i used to ‘confess’ this, but in the past year or so, i’ve really come out of the closet. joyfully affirming this alternative lifestyle. `serene’ in my cloister.)

what do i mean by the ‘the news’? i’m not entirely sure. i mean ‘the news media.’ and i know i think of that as something more sinister than ‘social media.’ worse than droning: coercing, hectoring, distorting.