a conversation i had in the elevator on friday afternoon as i was leaving.

by dorarandom

egomaniac, esq. : i got this tie in rome.

me : oh.

e esq: yes, my wife picked it out for me. in a little store, just a little bigger than this elevator!

me: i got my shoes in rome. [this is true.]

e esq. : but were you in rome when you got the shoes?

me: …….i think that’s what that means?

e esq: well, you could’ve been here, but ordered the shoes—-oh, i guess that would be—-

me: from rome.

e esq: from rome.

me: i bought these shoes in rome. while i was in rome.

work-friend: i don’t have anything from rome. i’ve never been there.

me: well, you should go. it’s great. you can get ties and shoes.