i’m the urban spaceman.

by dorarandom

where have i been for the past few days? i don’t know—well, rarely do i know, so i guess that’s not worth remarking on—but lately i have been exceptionally unknowing. on saturday morning i finally got my car back! and i went to whole foods, and bought some attractive healthy groceries, and some strange groceries, and the weather was so spring-like i spent the rest of the day humming ‘they say it’s spring.’ i went home and i swept, i got organized for taxes, i opened boxes that i came here with but had never opened and had no idea what they contained. (i was hoping that they contained pictures, or postcards, or colored pencils, or something else i could be pleasantly surprised by—unfortunately it was more like screwdrivers, old transcripts, parts of kitchen devices, and other disappointing kinds of things.)

i have been especially prone to especially sudden, especially weird enthusiasms—at the moment, i am taking a break from making a napoleonic wars themed mix cd. (there is actually kind of a reason i am making this—at least, i’m making it for someone other than myself)—and yesterday i found myself consulting an armenian grammar, and reading the memoirs of ulysses s. grant, and making a collage—and the day before i found myself looking at photographs of slime molds, and reading about the incredibly tragic life of roscoe arbuckle, and attempting various arts and crafts with liquor bottles)—so. it’s been all dissipation. but maybe it is a “good sign”…?