by dorarandom


i enjoy the prose on last.fm: `Louis Killen was one of the most widely influential musicians of the folk revival and a key voice of English traditional song. He was a hard-core, unadulterated folksinger…’ (emphasis mine…)

above is a picture of louis killen being hard-core and unadulterated. which reminds me of a comment that VDF made when faced with documentary images of the watersons: “i can just tell that if i went to a party at their house, i would not have a fun night.” (we also started watching the land of green ginger—a very very dour but not un-excellent british tv movie from 1973 that the watersons did the soundtrack for—i’m not sure if we watched the whole thing—upon which occasion VDF said: “so. are we watching an industrial film about hull?”)

VDF has a great clarity. in re twin peaks: ‘i don’t hate it or anything. but i think that filming a dwarf speaking backwards is an act of desperation.’