by dorarandom

i arranged to go visit my father and florida next week—i had some trouble in getting hold of my stepmother, and i had moments of grains of worry that my sister-in-law might be right and i might be naive, the woman might be evil after all—(the stepmother and my father have been married for about five years, obviously we none of us can say we remotely know her)—but when i did get her on the phone she was warm and nice and said that she was having some kind of misunderstanding with her cell phone and was not always able to check her messages—instantly reassuring—‘right. she’s dippy. of course she’s not evil. why would my father have married an evil person. i have spent time with her. she’s asking me about my cat’s convalescence and i’m asking her about her dead mother’s dog. she’s obviously so happy that i’m going to do something to make my father happy. she’s enthusiastically-spontaneously volunteering to pick me up at the airport and have me stay in her house. God’s in his heaven. Ford’s in his flivver. and the sheep are on the hill, still. the Randoms are exceptional in their dysfunction and this poor woman has married into it.’ (i talked to my née-Random aunt on the phone yesterday and i expected that she would spontaneously volunteer to have me as a guest—if a niece can really be called a guest. i didn’t expect enthusiasm—she and my uncle are [possibly] the most dour people i have ever met—but i did assume that she would assume that i was coming to stay with her.)

my aunt was (unexpectedly) spontaneously really judgy about my father’s alcoholic cirrhosis. “we make choices in life and they have consequences.”