da-da-da-da-na, da-da-da-da.

by dorarandom


i have not been reading the brothers karamazov. i did however read larry hagman’s memoirs. six of one, half a dozen of the other….my mother sent me the ebook as a joke (i have been known to watch dallas) but i read the thing. it was an interesting thing. larry hagman was a really nice guy. he really loved his wife. also LSD. he talks a fair bit about how LSD expanded his consciousness….and googling turns up a long interview with him on a website-magazine devoted to psychedelic substances….and, okay, i just find reading about larry hagman’s acid trips extremely funny. it is extremely funny to me just that i have spent time doing it, but the prose is funny too….

And that pulse went along with my song, which was a pulse, da-da-da-da-na, da-da-da-da. And this thing would explode and the life force like sperm would come out of that explosion and then it’d wrap back up again and I’d get the song going and it would pulse and pulse and pulse and pulse and pulse and then, boom! Spread our seed through the universe. Woo! Boy! That was different. You ever had anything like that?

to be just to the memory of larry hagman, let me repeat, he was obviously an uncommonly nice and decent guy. also i will admit that the first time i dropped acid i apparently did a scary spastic dance while listening to tunak tunak tun. i kind of remember that. i remember having extremely strongly positive feelings about ‘tunak tunak tun.’