by dorarandom

i’m going to st. augustine tomorrow afternoon. today i am all coiled around myself in dread. a bile-vomiting kind of mood, if you know what i mean. (though i am not actually vomiting bile.) i know the “visit” is going to be horrible in ways i can’t anticipate. and of course horrible in ways that i can. but it’s a thing to be done—(a “gerundive” would be nice here; we could really use some of those in english)—well, i’ll use one anyway—it’s a kartavya. and so today i am waiting until tomorrow when i have to go do it.

i am coloring in my botany coloring book.

a joyful thing to report: i was at the cathedral of mary our queen last night and whoever they had singing the exsultet did a rock star job. exceptional. they need to have that kid [?] [it sounded like a young man’s voice] sing everything. the rest of the music was classy-concerty blah—the music there generally is—but the exsultet was divine and exciting. i feel like it is a thing i will remember….(thing-to-be-remembered?)