apartment ahoy.

by dorarandom


i get to move in ten days—well, i can start moving a little bit even now, because i got the keys and the access to the new apartment yesterday. i am happy about this. i would even go so far as to say that i am very happy about this. i picked it mostly because i really like those windows. (they are the way they are because the apartment is in the roof—-it’s not like a nautical-themed building or anything. the other windows are normal. and the building is perfectly normal.) also, it boasts a dishwasher and air conditioning and the least depressing bathroom i believe i have ever had. (though admittedly, there is a low threshold on bathroom-depressingness.) and it’s in the “arts district.” (it is near The Movie Theater.) it has carpeting, and carpeting is officially a thing i hate—but in a way i like that, because since i officially hate carpeting, i’ve never had a carpeted apartment, so living with carpet will be a new experience. i am thinking that i will find a bunch of rugs to put over it; i am thinking this could be fun.

i have given myself permission to throw out everything i have that is broken or depressing.