a little thought for a monday morning.

by dorarandom

i hate everything about microsoft word. there is nothing i do not hate about microsoft word. why is everything about it unintuitive? is it deliberately designed to be counterintuitive, like the mini cooper? (if it is, i feel like we’ll never know, because Microsoft is probably sufficiently evil to prevent anyone from exposing its counterintuitiveness.)…but really i don’t think it’s deliberately anything. it’s just a pile of stupid. evil stupid. really a lot like the antichrist. (in terms of ubiquity, perniciousness, falseness, demagoguery.) where unicode would be God, i guess.

LaTeX can drive you absolutely batshit crazy but at the same time it gives you the pleasure of infinitely fiddling with stuff.

maybe if i drink some coffee i will hate microsoft word less. doubtful.