the figure in the carpet.

by dorarandom

i moved on monday! (it is now wednesday.) there wasn’t too much broken glass. the porthole windows are even dreamier than i remembered. especially wonderful at night—the glow from the street comes through and shines glowing dreamy shadows of the windows on the walls. it’s like a dream aquarium. a very cool and unforeseen effect.

last night i was sitting in my desk chair—(i put my desk right under the windows)—feeling dreamy and well-pleased as night started to happen—staring out—and noticed that i have an excellent view of an abandoned building. a typical very sad and completely hopeless-looking baltimore rowhouse. then itunes started playing ewan maccoll singing ‘dirty old town.’ then i reached for my iphone so i could document the occasion. marxist intellectual gloom descending.

“there’s always something,” as They say. i should upload the video here. yes. it’s on my to do list.

today at work i fretted and googled about the mechanics of central AC units, indoor air quality [“IAQ”], and the potential dangers of carpet gas emissions. i admit i have something of a history of HVAC-induced hypervigilance—i kind of forgot about that when i picked my new apartment—but today i let myself get paranoid about carpet. i abandoned myself to carpet paranoia! for hours!

it’s very tricky and insidious when the things that scare you are reasonable things. it is totally reasonable to assume—when you are living in a non-fancy apartment in an older building in a city—that your landlord is more or less a slumlord and [thus] your home is full of bottom-of-the-line/jerry-rigged/diabolical/toxic crap. i got nervous about a central air system in an apartment in chicago because mold started growing on the ceiling. (when i was little, i was scared of my grandmother’s collection of nutcrackers. because nutcrackers are scary! they have big angry teeth that bite!) however—in case you, imaginary reader, have succumbed to Rug Terror—i will save you a long googling—Science has found that short-pile carpeting, regularly vacuumed, actually improves indoor air quality. and the EPA is not too worried about off-gassing carpet. (see: What About Carpet?!) the people who are worried about it seem like crazed gluten-fearing types. (see: Is Your Carpet Toxic?! for hours of phobia phun.)