apparently, occasionally, facebook can be okay.

by dorarandom

i have a book of daily affirmations that i do not read on a daily basis—but almost daily intend to. i really should read them every day—(“but just look at me, i’m shoulding all over myself!” as stuart smalley would say)*—they’re almost always positively useful. useful in their positivity. and there is a gentle, charming, very 90s smalley-esque quality to the prose.* in “today’s” affirmation (actually august 3rd’s) there was found the excellent sentence: ‘You will not fall into a bottomless pit if you surrender to the moment.’

(“ecstasy” is the thing-to-be-striven-for of the day.)

arriving at work, i see that i suddenly have a message on facebook from a guy who i went on one date with two years ago, asking me how i am doing, etc. my God, if that doesn’t feel good, what does? to have it in writing that someone is still thinking of you. what’s even better is that i still think of this man de temps en temps myself, because it was certainly the best date i’ve ever been on. i think it’s got to be statistically in the top 2% of all dates of all time in any time period. (there would have been more than one date, but i was getting ready to leave the country, and the man was undergoing a big tragic divorce. scheduling was complicated. everything was complicated.) well. so, surrendering to the moment, i replied:

i’m okay. i have a better job and a better apartment. baltimore is sort of a disappointing place to be. i think we should get married, because i’m almost 30 and that was the best date i’ve ever been on. (these are two separate unrelated facts, but they sound related written out that way.)  

– there was supposed to be a “dude,” at the beginning of that sentence about getting married

– to make it seem like a joke.

– damn facebook chat

sorry! hope all is well with you!                    **

and indeed i did not fall into a bottomless pit. this man wrote back like a completely normal person: Hahaha! I understand…etc.


*i love stuart smalley! there’s a whole stuart smalley movie, which is bizarrely uneven in tone, but generally excellent. i am always looking for stuart smalley stuff (S.S.S.) on ebay but it always ends up being too expensive. but i am glad that he has devoted fans.

**these new automatic paragraph breaks are driving me insane!