i’ve got a hobby: rereading lady chatterley.

by dorarandom

my daily affirmation today requires no action. i’m just supposed to “enjoy the journey.” this is a relief. but i had a lot of fun yesterday. i even made my BFF call me so we could talk about men. which is so much more fun than actually being with men. though all of a sudden i find myself noticing them. it’s like i forgot that i had a sexual orientation. but now i’m out in the wild on the streets of your town, i’m in the elevators of your office buildings, and i’m ogling your dads. yes i like them rather fleshy and fatherly. yes i am a little depraved—but i am easy to love, or so i’ve been told.

proust can be tepid and tedious but he gets positively rhapsodic about fat old guys! this is pretty much the only thing i remember from all of the remembrance of things past. and if i recall correctly, somewhere in there he goes on for a couple of pages about how being hot for fat old guys is in fact a completely undepraved altruistic and near-angelic quality. (this made me feel great about myself!) i also half-recall an anecdote about a translator—a famous and fancy one—who translated the whole thing except only the parts about charlus. because those are the good parts.

don’t even get me started on Augustus Carmichael!