admissions and fair warning.

by dorarandom

  1. i miss LP.  i’ve barely heard a peep from him since i got back to baltimore. and this time last week he was holding me. i just went to do my laundry and the stale cigarette smell was overwhelming foul. and i cried a little. LP smokes a pack and a half a day.
  2. now i’m crying a little more.
  3. the mysterious condition i was talking about yesterday is vaginismus. i finally talked to the mad doctor for about an hour on skype then got myself scheduled for his superdeluxe botox procedure on october 20th.
  4. i could tell you more than you ever wanted to know about vaginismus. i could give you 95 theses. it’s an embarrassingly 19th century sort of affliction, i guess—and i guess i’ve spent about 15 years being embarrassed about it—time to put the old dog down.
  5. now that i’m done being embarrassed, i think i might have to talk about it a lot.