can’t think of anything clever to call this one.

by dorarandom

gnawing burrowing loneliness all day. a nothing from no one day. transient fear that i am getting involved with some kind of phallocentric cult. and that is all i fucking need. no pun intended.

wait, i did hear from someone, kind of. my horrible insurance company sent me notice (an Over Age Letter) than i will have to pick out a new horrible plan to enroll in soon. as their records indicate that i am turning 30 before the end of the year.

i downloaded a book called the lonely screams. it is about lonely people. and i think it might also be an attempt to profit from their loneliness, though i haven’t gotten that far yet. i probably shouldn’t have bought it in the first place.

i definitely shouldn’t be listening to it could have been a brilliant career. yikes.