ezra pound is a lot better when you are not 17.

by dorarandom

though i liked him plenty when i was 17. in fact, as i recall, i named my bong after him. (why? because it looked really modern. because i was high. and other 17-year-olds who were also high thought it was an inspired choice.)

he actually makes sense after you’ve read things and been places.

meanwhile, i was trying to remember-and-find an emily dickinson poem. and found it. turned out to be Publication is the Auction.  :

Publication — is the Auction
Of the Mind of Man —
Poverty — be justifying
For so foul a thing

Possibly — but We — would rather
From Our Garret go
White — Unto the White Creator —
Than invest — Our Snow —

those are the first two ‘stanzas’ anyway. there are four. i had the second one stuck in my head this morning, in a twisted memory version :

I would rather go
White unto my White Creator
Than forfeit my Snow

now i am ruminating on whether there is some deep psychological significance in the fact that i remembered forfeit for invest.

so. let us therefore mention the fact, for it seems to us worthy of record.