a song of a young lady to her ancient lover.

by dorarandom

i may have been an impenetrable young lady, but to be sure i remember having a libido and its accoutrama*. when i was 20 i was in the peace corps in madagascar and had a dalliance there with a man who was 63 and the CEO of a platinum mining company. he was some kind of british. he owned a bunch of race horses that lived in south africa. (‘what do you do with race horses?’ ‘well, beautiful, you race them.’) he was basically the devil himself and he was so comfortable in his own evil—and i was obviously comically innocent—and, though i didn’t realize it at the time, i have seen pictures—at that age, i was, as my ancient lover said, ‘fucking gorgeous’—and we’d met in a club in the capital that (i swear to God) was called pandora’s box, or possibly just pandora—anyway ‘pandora’ was in the name, and its entrance was a gaping funhouse hell-mouth—and that night i was accompanied by three earnest lady teacher colleagues who were totally appalled to see me and the devil making out like it was our last night on earth—we had to appall them further. before inevitably giving them the slip.

can anything really be hotter than that?

as a direct consequence of that night i was kicked out of the peace corps. which i loved. (well, no. but i loved madagascar.) right before my cohort’s official swearing-in ceremony—and i was to be the “valedictorian.” i had written a really nice speech in malagasy! but this is [part of] the sad ending. i don’t want to think about the sad ending today.  i want to think about that night that was so grand. i hadn’t talked about the dreaded peace corps in a long time but when i told LP about that night—when i got to the part about how much i got off on appalling the earnest—he said—with so much warmth and admiration!— : ‘that is punk rock.’

and LP saw the ramones in concert.

i wonder if i can find that club on google maps!?


* (‘Accoutrama!?’ What is that shit?)