that’s spanish for “next to denny’s” .

by dorarandom

o imaginary reader, i am glad i have you.

i just switched from the radisson to the la quinta. it’s significantly cheaper, it’s not significantly farther from the office, and it seems a lot brighter and cheerier and better-reviewed. also i realized that the reservation i made at the radisson was in fact for the week after next because i was not paying enough attention when i made it—(my mother would make a “joke” here about my not being oriented times three)—so i had to emend that anyway. and i know, this isn’t technically “interesting”, but it’s my trip so it’s interesting to me—and travel with all its minutiae is interesting to me—and you are my imaginary reader so these things are interesting to you.

(o imaginary reader, i am glad i have you.)

anyway, it’s a change for the better, i think. for some reason—(probably just the sound of the name radisson)—i think of radissons as being classy—but probably they are just overpriced—probably because they are for businesspeople? i don’t know. i don’t think i’ve ever stayed in a hotel in america by myself before.

i am considering whether or not i want to try to get someone to go with me last minute. i do want someone, of course. but in this particular situation, a lot of someones would be worse than no one. and then there’s the gratuitous high awkwardness of having to explain the situation.

i ruminate.