morituri te salutant.

by dorarandom

yesterday might have been the worst most stressful day of my life so far.

i drove onto the light rail tracks. at the intersection of dolphin and howard street. which, needless to say, scared the holy hell out of me. and i was stuck. on train tracks. and needless to say this was a big fucking deal. oh my God. there were at least 20 cops of various grades on the scene at one point. mostly not-very-nice, of course. and one of them said such viciously mean things to me i thought i might die from it.

however i didn’t. and (even more insane and unexpected than driving onto train tracks WHEN ALL YOU WANTED WAS TO TURN LEFT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD) i actually got my car back—as soon as it was towed off the track!—and it is fine. the cop who was actually writing the report was very nice. i couldn’t believe they let me drive off. i might not even get a ticket? and i thought i was going to be arrested or something? i don’t even know. it was a nightmare.

there were other stressful things that happened before the light rail incident, but. i’ll get back to you. it is almost time for me to embark on my botoxical hysterical journey.