by dorarandom

a helpful glossaryforecourts of heaven. of course.  “Vorhöfe des Himmels”.

google translate translates forecourt: der Vorhof. forecourt, vestibule.

i think i might have to start thinking of my ‘vulvar vestibule’ as ‘the forecourts of heaven.’ i have to think schreber would approve.

anterior realms of God. Also known as “forecourts of heaven.”  Schreber divides heaven into anterior realms and, above it, posterior realms (30).  The anterior realms are made up of the souls of the dead which have undergone purification (aka “testing”), achieved a state of Blessedness, and merged with other blessed souls; these blessed souls are also called rays.  While God occupies the posterior realms, the souls which constitute the anterior realms are also part of God, forming the matter with which God continually creates things (30 n.11).