most people keep their brains between their legs.*

by dorarandom

i have been working on one post all day but it keeps expanding and diverging and dividing with no end in sight. i mean it’s threatening to become 95 theses on the bulbospongiosus.

i knew i had a lot to say about the ismus but i had no idea how much a lot was.

in the meantime, imaginary reader, here is a random something from the ismic annals:

Treatment, Prophylactic.—It sometimes happens that the condition is accidentally discovered in virgins upon gynecological examination. When this is the case, marriage should be absolutely forbidden until the underlying pathological condition has been discovered and removed. Such circumstances, however, should be very rare. No virgin ought to be examined unless a distinct indication presents itself. The frequent handling of the virginal sexual organs cannot be too strongly deprecated. In the vast majority of cases the treatment of vaginismus can be safely delayed until after marriage.

(A Practical Treatise on Disorders of the Sexual Function in the Male and Female. max hühner. c. 1921.) (which also contains this great sentence/insight :

For obvious reasons the sufferer from vaginismus rarely becomes a prostitute.   )


* just ask morrissey.