kale and bile.

by dorarandom

all inspired and fiery on this monday morning i arrived at work, made this my facebook status, and then immediately deleted it—

i am already sick of christmas and christmas music and people saying it is cold outside; i don’t want to see any more pictures of your children in halloween costumes; halloween is a stupid holiday to begin with; i’m glad you and your automatic devices are doing so great with fitness and dieting and whatever but you’re still fat and i don’t give a fuck.

productivity ahoy!

seriously people in their 30s are so much more annoying than teenagers on the dreaded book of face. i would rather look at 1,000 selfies than one picture of a self-congratulatory kale salad. i would’ve left that text up but it reads rather sizeist. also psycho.

ohhhh that “holiday season.” i’m cracking early this year.