check your facts, girl.

by dorarandom

me: remember when you were in chicago that time on my birthday?
stepfather: yes?
me: and there was that horrible guy todd talking about how he liked to spend time looking at all the failures he knew on facebook?
stepfather: or losers, yeah.
me: it was losers?
stepfather: yeah, i think so.
me: you’re right. it was losers. anyway—my question was, that really happened, didn’t it? but obviously it did!
stepfather: well, his talking about it certainly happened. so presumably the event happened also.
me: losers. that’s even worse than failures, isn’t it?* though to be fair, i’m sure lots of people do the same thing. but they wouldn’t admit it. so it was good to be honest—except i think most people who did it, if they were admitting it—well, they would be admitting it, so they would be ashamed. but todd—he was like proudly affirming it, wasn’t he?
stepfather: he seemed to revel in it.


* to me, a loser is much worse than a failure, and so it’s a much worse category to maintain. (a failure could have done something, a loser couldn’t have.)

p. s. i don’t know what is happening with my formatting today.