horses are stupid.

by dorarandom

foxcatcher-posteri was going to title this post ‘back on that horse’ but then remembered that i hate horses.* then remembered the only really good moment in the movie ‘foxcatcher.’ (steve carell saying ‘horses are stupid.’)

suddenly realized i call my boyfriend ‘Gift Horse.’ bad sign?

anyway, it is a new year, and i wanted to get back to what is secretly my most favorite thing and possibly doubleplus-secretly the most important thing in the world to me (the thing being writing), so. here i am posting nothing so as to work off one slab of procrastinatory guilt.

horses are stupid. ‘foxcatcher’ was stupid. The Gift Horse isn’t stupid but i don’t think he’s exactly ‘smart’ either but it’s hard for me to fathom because his intelligence is of a slow deliberate unrandom nature and just when i really get going in conversation he says nice dopey things and i get thrown off so inevitably i think ‘What answer was possible to such stupid complimenting?’ and then i feel guilty and stop talking out of guilt.

however the Gift Horse and i do often have fun and sometimes i experience physical pleasure and he has a great tv that has surround sound. in short, i like him.

my house is now home to boxes, wooden heirloom furniture, and acres upon acres of lush procrastination.

obviously, for me, new year’s resolutions are pure folly. at long last, this year i didn’t put myself through the torture of making any! so huzzah and it’s good to talk to you again, imaginary reader.


* super-neurotic un-animal animals. like a pure expression of a pure human neurosis so pure i think it might be beyond expression. they make me very tense.