the best of skirts.

by dorarandom

4120236209172_065_b4i’m afraid i threw my possibly-very-favorite skirt away. i can’t find it anywhere. it is not anywhere i believed it might be. it was sort of sealed up and hidden on account of i sort of threw up on it. (i mostly threw up directly into the harbor! but nobody’s perfect. right after waltzing out of a very fancy stepfatherly grand-gesturey family-holiday-psycho dinner. it was mostly the dessert wine. staggeringly expensive, apparently, and to me disgustingly sweet and unpleasant, so of course i swilled it down like it was about to become illegal. hellz yeah. i bet that was a $300 puke right there. it was in any case an unexpected moment of roman excess that made me laugh and was really one of the highlights of my holiday season.) (i was, thank God, well out of range of my family at the time of the incident.)

anyway! i did a drunken hand-washing thing and i had it hanging up in the bathroom to dry but this was all rushed on account of i was with the Gift Horse. and similarly, after it dried but while i was contemplating what the next step should be, i tossed it in a bag and put the bag somewhere discreet and stupid so His Majesty could take a shower without potentially having to smell a vomit-y smell. (though he did not say anything about it. and he did not mind my throwing up in the harbor. all my resentment and anger is completely unjustified, in case that wasn’t clear.)

completely unjustified but completely there. and i was all prepared today to write a post about what a nice guy he is (okay that sounds awful) and the funny conversations we have. in some attempt to balance out all the posts where i make the man sound like an imbecile. and all i can think about is the Abstracted Plaid Skirt.