holiday by mistake.

by dorarandom

the day before yesterday, thinking more about the whole idea of making the holidays happy for myself, i starting thinking about taking a trip at thanksgiving. i googled idly. ended up reading an article that recommended venice for single travelers in winter—because it’s so charming to slosh around in the chilly water that overflows the canals. which sounded downright unpleasant to me, i have to say, but it reminded me that i do really want to go to sicily, which reminded me that i do really want to go to lots of places. google started showing me cheap airfares. ‘wow, $600 roundtrip to glasgow! scotland! i’ve always wanted to go there too! let’s pull the trigger on this.’

i mean, yeah! scotland in november! because what could be more pleasant. as my friend Dolor said: ‘Yeah, if you’re feeling down, it’s a great idea to go somewhere with 4.5 hours of daylight.’ but i had been talking to my BFF about going to new hampshire and spending thanksgiving with his family—it’s not like new hampshire would be any warmer. and i was imagining how lovely it would be to stand on a deserted sandy beach underneath cliffs and feel a piercing wind while wearing a beautiful coat. at this point in october, in baltimore, i really start to crave the cold.

i did forget about the whole daylight thing. i also had no idea that so many things one might like to see are closed from november to march. well, on the plus side, that will make my decisions about what to see much easier.

me: guess where i'm going for thanksgiving!?
BFF: Turkey
me: damn you, that would have been a great idea! but i'm not as witty as you
BFF: where???
me: scotland. totally an impulse thing
BFF: cooool!!! it will be wild and windy
me: yeah got quite a deal flying out of inverness…
BFF: our cold WASP blood craves the sensation! 
me: yeah it does. biting wind and cold and crags actually sounded more 
appealling to me this morning than sicily (which was also under 
consideration). i might well regret this! but also scotland was cheaper
BFF: lol already a true scot
it's a great excuse to buy a romantically trailing scarf
me: I KNOW
but the whole daylight thing---kind of forgot about that! lol ah me. 
holiday by mistake!! that's the only way to do it